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FHA Mortgage Loan Fee Cut Halted By Trump Administration

With 2017 barely underway, we are already seeing the effects of government changes on the real estate market! As one of his first actions as president, Donald Trump has suspended the fee cut on Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage loans. The premium reduction was one of the last efforts of the Obama administration, which would have taken effect on January 27th. Borrowers pay this annual premium when they take out a home loan backed by the government.

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15-Year Loan Over a 30-Year Loan

Should You Choose a 15-Year Loan Over a 30-Year Loan?

A 15-year mortgage can be a smart choice for households in housing markets where price increases have been modest, but a tougher call for households in hotter markets.

A traditional 30-year mortgage allows homebuyers to purchase 46% more house, but a 15-year mortgage provides triple the paid equity in just 5 years.

Do the advantages of a 15-year mortgage outweigh the costs? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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New Year, New Rates: Now Might Be The Best Time To Refinance


With mortgage rates at record lows, the financial community is scratching its collective head wondering why so many eligible mortgage holders are leaving nearly $1.2 billion in potential savings untapped. A recent article on CNBC estimates that reducing your interest rate by even half a percent could potentially result in anywhere from $100 to $200 a month savings on your mortgage.

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Mortgage Refinance Rates and Real Estate Trends

home mortgage refinance rates

There are countless real estate trends out there on the market today, perhaps none hotter than mortgage refinancing and the ability to grab a new mortgage rate to better improve your investment and your home. The real estate crash and the bursting bubble of a few years ago has been contained and overcome, and now is a great time to buy a home and get into these real estate trends to come away with an advantageous situation and investment.

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Fact or Fiction

As Halloween fast approaches, why not get in the holiday spirit and take a little time to discuss facts vs. fiction in the mortgage industry.  With so many different rules and regulations it can be a bit daunting trying to figure what should be a concern and what is just a mortgage myth.
We will break down a few of the more confusing mortgage topics and make sure you are making the right decisions on the issues that matter most.
Fiction:  Shopping around to different mortgage companies will lower my credit score.

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Should You Refinance Out of Your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage?

When borrowers ask if they should consider refinancing into an adjustable-rate mortgage, my response is always akin to that old saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” While rising rate resets for adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) caught many inexperienced homeowners by surprise in the mid-2000s, ARMs remain an excellent, extremely-efficient loan product for the right borrower in the right situation.

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Six Reasons to Refinance and Save Money on Your Mortgage

Borrowers with plenty of equity in their homes but a low credit score may be able to take advantage of low mortgage refinance rates in spite of their credit challenges. While they will not likely qualify for the lowest rates, they may still benefit from a mortgage refinance. The best way to find out if you qualify for low mortgage rates is to complete the form on this page.

Low mortgage rates are not the only reason to consider a bad credit mortgage refinance.

Top six reasons for a home refinance

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Nearly 40 percent of homeowners are still paying 6 percent or more on their mortgages


While the Fed touts the second round of its Quantitative Easing (QE2) program as a way to lower mortgage rates for homeowners and heat up the economy, a substantial bloc of homeowners have not taken advantage of these lower rates. In fact, nearly 40 percent of those studied are paying at least 6 percent interest on their mortgages

Newsflash: nearly 40 percent of homeowners are still paying 6 percent or more on their mortgages

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5 Reasons to HARP

If you're underwater on your mortgage or your credit is a little shaky, a HARP refinance could net you a better deal than you expect. Here are--drum roll, please--five advantages of the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) refinance.

Five Advantages of the HARP Refinance


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