Why You Should Consider A Smart Home

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Remember the old days when you left your home with a sinking feeling that there was something you forgot? Maybe you didn’t remember to close the garage door, or you didn’t set the alarm because you were in a hurry. In fact, many of us are still living in those old days! Luckily, there is no reason to go on living this way! The concept of the smart home is revolutionizing the real estate market. Not only can you manage your garage and alarm remotely, but you can do so much more!

What Exactly Is A Smart Home?

Simply put, smart homes are those that are equipped with devices that manage different aspects of the space, such as the lights, temperature, or other such electronic features. Builders or contractors utilize automation technology when designing these new homes or upgrades to existing homes. You can control the smart devices while in the house, or remotely from anywhere by using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Is A Smart Home For Me?

The short answer is Yes. There are a good number of benefits to having a smart home:

  • Convenience - This is the main reason most homebuyers are interested in smart homes. You can control your lights and music from anywhere in the house; gone are the days when you would have to climb up and down flights of stairs just to shut off a single light. If you are having a party and the music gets a little too loud in the living room, you can turn it down without moving from your poolside lounger.
  • Money Savings - Believe it or not, a smart home can save you money on energy bills. If you have a smart thermostat, you can set the temperature levels to adjust themselves at specific times each day. This gives you the ability to efficiently control how much energy is in use at any given time. You can have the heat automatically turn off when you aren’t home, or have the cold air turn on at 12:00pm when the sun beats down through your windows.
  • Security - A smart home can make you feel more secure. You’ll have the ability to control the locks on all doors and windows from anywhere in the house or offsite. If you have a smart sensor, you will be notified instantly if a door or window has opened. You can also have a camera set up with a motion sensor to keep tabs on anyone who comes to your front or back door. You will be able to see them and what they are doing directly from your phone or tablet.
  • Accessibility - If a member of your household has limited mobility, a smart home could be the answer to your prayers. Through the use of voice recognition, tasks that may have proven difficult in the past can easily be completed. Activities such as getting up to turn on the fan or maneuvering through a doorway will be taken care of simply by talking to the smart system.
  • Value Add - If you choose to upgrade your home with smart technology, you will also be upping the value of your home. Since it will be equipped with the latest and greatest features, the resale price of your house will increase. As with any property, the more work and money you put into it, the better payoff when/if you choose to sell it.

A smart home is not just a high-tech upgrade to a house; it could solve a number of problems that you are dealing with in your current home. As technology continues to advance within the home building world, it is very important that you and your home do not get left behind! With a smart home, the possibilities are endless; be sure to consider what this new tech has to offer.

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