Thankful To Live In Southern California

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Thankful To Live In Southern California

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s the perfect time to sit down and reflect on what you cherish most in your life. Are you thankful for your family and furbabies? Are you grateful for the food on your plate and the roof over your head? Or maybe you just love where you live? If you’re lucky enough to be living in Southern California, then it’s probably a safe bet that you’re thankful for such beautiful surroundings. After all, it is one of the most highly sought after places to live. Thousands of people dream about moving out here every day. What prompts people to flock to our beaches and palm trees may vary, but there are four main reasons that no one can overlook - weather, lifestyle, culture, and investment.

The Weather

The number one reason to love living in Southern California is the weather. It just can’t be beat! For the better part of the year, the days are warm and the sun shines. When your friends in other parts of the nation are shoveling snow from their driveways, you’re likely heading to the beach for a quick dip. If you love hosting parties or get-togethers, you can plan outdoor events year-round. In fact, the mild weather leads to reduced stress and increased productivity, since you don’t have to worry or waste time dealing with extreme forecasts.

The Lifestyle

Southern California is considered a hotspot for fitness enthusiasts. For the most part, residents are pretty active. They favor running, biking, hiking, and swimming over staying in. And who can blame them with such agreeable weather? It’s easy to spend so much time outdoors when you don’t have to think about a snowstorm or hurricane season. Whether it’s camping out under the stars or just hanging out at the local park with your kids, there’s no reason not to enjoy the wonders of nature. Locals tend to be mellow and thrive on a go-with-the-flow attitude toward life, which is so appealing for someone used to a fast-paced city life.

The Culture

The diverse culture in Southern California provides an invaluable education just by being exposed to it. From the international food fare to the numerous museums, you get a little taste of everything. More often than not, you’ll find communities banding together to support local artists through craft fairs and workshops. There are many opportunities to take in performance art through visits to the theatre or the ballet. It’s refreshing to see so many talents celebrated in one place. There aren’t that many places that promote the arts as much and as often as SoCal.

The Investment

It’s no secret that Southern California can be a little pricey when it comes to buying a home. There’s a reason for it - location, location, location. Everyone wants to spend some time out here at one point or another, and property value continues to rise with no real end in sight. If you have the means to put some money into real estate out here, do it! Even if you’re not sure if you’ll stay in the area forever, you’ll be making a solid investment for the future.

Taking up residence in Southern California can make you thankful for many things. Thanks to the gorgeous weather and lifestyle, it’s not difficult to see why it’s a magnet for young singles and growing families. When you love where you live, you are happier and have a better chance of having more fulfilling life experiences. 

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