In The Market For A Real Estate Agent?

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In this day and age, we are so reluctant to ask for help. We think we can do everything on our own, especially with the Internet in our back pocket. This might be true for things like cooking a meal at home instead of going out to a fancy restaurant, or vacuuming your own carpet instead of hiring a house cleaner. When it comes to real estate, however, the Internet is not going to negotiate a good deal for you, or share the excitement (and champagne!) when your offer is accepted. So, if you’re ready to bite the bullet on your dream house, or sell the starter home your family’s outgrown, then you’re in the market for a real estate agent!

Find An Agent That’s Right For You

Choosing the right agent will go a long way in securing a happy future for you and your family. You’ll want to make sure you’re in good hands before signing on any dotted lines. As in any relationship, compatibility is a very important. So, how do you find your real estate soulmate?

With over two decades in the industry, our real estate experts, Lorraine and Linda, have given us some insight into the most important personal qualities to look for in an agent.

1. Honesty and Integrity

Your agent MUST be willing to tell you the truth - the good, the bad, and the ugly - all of it. Knowing that you can trust your agent to give it to you straight is of the utmost importance, especially when it might not be the news you want to hear.  By staying informed, you’ll feel more comfortable throughout the entire transaction, gain a deeper understanding of the process, and be able to foresee a realistic view of possible outcomes.

2. Work Ethic and Tenacity

Real estate transactions require a lot of work and communication. Your agent is there to facilitate the process and keep everything moving forward in a timely manner; persistence and determination is key. He or she must be your champion, working to get you the best possible deal in any given scenario. Part of this is being completely transparent with all parties involved; those that can communicate easily and effectively will see happier clients. Your agent should be ready and willing to work with other agents in order to obtain the best purchase or sale for you.

3. Organized and Detailed

This one sounds like a no-brainer, right? You definitely don’t want an agent that gets things mixed up, especially when it comes to large figures and important contractual agreements. Legalities aside, at the very least your agent should be prepared for every meeting, be able to follow a timeline, and keep you updated as things progress or change.

4. Reputation and Legitimacy

When in doubt, go with a big name! Working with a reputable realty firm has its benefits. For one, most bigger firms hold their agents to high standards, requiring them to meet a certain level of expectations. They are knowledgeable on the latest real estate laws or policies that affect your area. These agents are well-trained and bring a wealth of experience to the table.

5. Connections

Remember that old joke? How do you get to Carnegie Hall? ….Connections, Connections, Connections. I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. Regardless, like many talented entertainers, great real estate agents should have an arsenal of great connections to share with their clients. They should be able to offer recommendations for other qualified services, such as providing you with loan agents, inspectors, contractors, escrow, plumbers, roofers, or lawyers. This shows that they care about your future just as much as you do.

Bottom Line

The qualities mentioned above can set an agent apart from the countless rest.  Almost any agent can go through the motions of setting up a sign, listing a property on the MLS, or showing you a property and writing an offer. It takes the right agent to go the extra mile and treat the transaction as if it were his/her own home being bought or sold. The right real estate agent cares about your happiness, and not just another closed sale.

About Our Experts

Lorraine Thielen & Linda Hahn bring over 25 years of experience to help you buy or sell your home and make informed decisions in today's market. As realtors for RE/MAX TerraSol and specializing in the Orange County market, Thielen and Hahn offer a wealth of real estate knowledge to take the stress out of homebuying/selling. Visit their website for more information and to view current listings.

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