December Jobs Report Amazing for Homebuyers and Mortgage Refinancing

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However, this does come with some bad news…

85,000 Jobs Were Lost in December

This number is much, much worse than expected. The November report was revised to +4,000 jobs created vs. the original print of -11,000 jobs lost. The Unemployment rate was unchanged at 10%. For the unemployed this is obviously very bad news.
This mornings Job Report tells us the the Economy has not recovered and Wall Street should be in a state of flux for the next few months. We could be in for a bumpy ride.

Now for the Good News

Potential Homebuyers are thrilled as are clients thinking about Refinancing in the near future. Mortgage Interest Rates have jumped up the past 2/3 weeks with Conforming and FHA Mortgage Rates increasing as much as .75% They really have gone up pretty quickly.
November to December 2009

  • Conforming 30 year fixed at 4.875% on November 30th, the same Mortgage Interest Rate at 5.375% for a qualified borrower on December 28th
  • FHA 30 year fixed at 5.25% on November 3oth, the same Mortgage Interest Rate at 5.75% for a qualified borrower at on December 28th

Mortgage Interest Rates have gotten better by an .125 today and the possibility for more is very realistic

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