March 2016

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If you’re like most of us, the fact that you are close to becoming officially “old” has probably slapped you in the face. How did that happen? Why didn’t I save more money?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, most Americans reaching retirement age have less than $30,000 saved. One study found that 40% of baby boomers have nothing saved.

The sad truth is, the promised  “golden years” are going to end up being “the working years” for many of us (because of a lack of savings). Don’t despair, however; there are ways to change that.

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15-Year Loan Over a 30-Year Loan

Should You Choose a 15-Year Loan Over a 30-Year Loan?

A 15-year mortgage can be a smart choice for households in housing markets where price increases have been modest, but a tougher call for households in hotter markets.

A traditional 30-year mortgage allows homebuyers to purchase 46% more house, but a 15-year mortgage provides triple the paid equity in just 5 years.

Do the advantages of a 15-year mortgage outweigh the costs? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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