March 2013

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Mortgage Refinance Rates and Real Estate Trends

home mortgage refinance rates

There are countless real estate trends out there on the market today, perhaps none hotter than mortgage refinancing and the ability to grab a new mortgage rate to better improve your investment and your home. The real estate crash and the bursting bubble of a few years ago has been contained and overcome, and now is a great time to buy a home and get into these real estate trends to come away with an advantageous situation and investment.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing a New Home

purchasing a new home mortgage

It can seem like a nearly impossible task to figure out just a few things to key on, but when it comes to purchasing a home, being prepared trumps everything. After all, preparation matters as far as improving your chances for getting a great deal on your home and for making sure that you do the right thing in terms of figuring out your outlook on your home and its value.

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Buying Versus Renting

first time home buyer

The buying versus renting conundrum used to be one easily sifted through. In decades past the answer was fairly clear and most people never gave the idea a second thought; if you could afford to buy a home and had solid income and enough credit, the option to buy was the way to go. Fast forward a couple decades, and suddenly, the American dream of owning a home with the white picket fence has become complex. Surprisingly, more people now choose to rent and opt not to buy. Naturally there are pros and cons to both, but some of the logic may surprise you.

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